Fabrication Guidelines

Hanwha Surfaces and our distributors want to partner with experienced and qualified installers to ensure a smooth installation process. To support that process, we have developed a manual complete with guidelines on how to prepare the material before going to the job site as well as working with the surface once on the job site. These manuals are designed to give basic guidelines to help ensure that Hanwha Surfaces products will be handled, stored, fabricated, and installed correctly.

This manual will enable architects and designers to evaluate the entire product range prior to final specification. In addition, the fabrication section of the manual has been set out to enable all fabricators to undertake a step-by-step process through the fabrication and installation functions.

The information contained here is deemed reliable; however, none of the contents - including but not limited to the recommendations, pictures, techniques, and or instructions - is to be conceived as implying legal liability of fitness for a particular purpose, any other type of warranty, or being exhaustive or conclusive in its coverage and nature of information. Per each user’s specific application, all necessary measures and precautions must be taken in order to confirm and test the adequacy for such needs or applications. The information contained herein is strictly for purposes of reference and as such, Hanwha L&C | Surfaces and its affiliates assume no liability for its accuracy or suitability or the use of such information for product lines other than HanStone Quartz and Hanex Solid Surfaces.

The fabrication manuals for HanStone Quartz & Hanex Solid Surfaces can be found on our Downloads page.  

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