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What is HanStone Quartz?

What is natural quartz?

What are the advantages of HanStone Quartz?

What HanStone Quartz products are available?

How many color surfaces does HanStone Quartz have available?

Where can HanStone Quartz be applied?

How do I care for HanStone Quartz?

Is HanStone Quartz hygienic?

Is HanStone Quartz scratch resistant?

How is HanStone Quartz installed?

Where can I find a local fabricator or request a color sample?

Do I need to finish or seal HanStone?

Can you cut directly on the surface of HanStone?

When preparing meals, can raw foods such as vegetables, acidic fruits and meats be placed directly on the surface?

Can hot plates and pans be placed directly on HanStone?

How can I find out more and/or request product literature?

Is HanStone Quartz color consistent?

Will the small piece of sample I have match my countertop once it's finished and installed?

If I remodel my kitchen countertop with HanStone, will it be seamless?

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